In order to provide parents and students with such a unique environment, The Forest St. Academy holds both a Group Daycare License, and a Family Daycare license.

The Family daycare is set in a home environment. This allows children a comfortable nurturing setting, one that feels like home. It enables new students a comfortable familiar spot, and makes transitioning easy and fun. Having a family daycare on site allows us times in the morning and afternoon, when groups are low, to combine together. This allows siblings to have a time when they can interact with each other during the day. It also allows for younger children to be motivated by older children. These younger children often crawl, walk and talk faster, by modeling the older children in their environment. Older children get the benefit of learning to be nurturers with younger students in their environment. This is a time of free exploration. Allowing children to develop their imagination and creativity.

The Group Daycare is attached to the home, and houses a preschool classroom and an Infant/Toddler classroom. This allows for our students to have time during the day to go to the Group Daycare side of our school. Here students will separate into academic age groups. During this time children are exposed to an exciting and challenging educational environment. They will participate in an educational program designed for their particular age rage, as well as to be challenged by equipment just right for their size and skills. The rooms of our Group Center are very large and airy. They were designed to stimulate and motive our student’s young minds.

The Forest St. Academy also contains a large fenced backyard. Outdoor play and exploration is an important part of any child’s development. We even have a small hill inside our fenced area for sleigh ridding on those snowy days!